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For years, i've been writing down my random thoughts and mail them to my friends. Many of them have told me to blog which i've been resisting so long. Partly because i am afriad to unleash my mental pictures to the unsuspecting public . whatever i express here is my viewpoint at that point in time. I will be mentioning "my sir" lot of times in this - which refers to my teacher

Life is a verb.

This, like many of my previous blogs, is a self-talk. Death and life are looked on As but transformations; The myriad creation is all of a kind, There is a kinship through all. – Huai Nan Tzu (2nd c. BCE) … Continue reading

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Yes. You are right!

I read this in a book and found it vastly amusing. A husband, while talking about his relationship with his wife says: “We have developed a unique system of dealing with one another. I issue orders. She ignores them. I … Continue reading

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My attitude or your perception?

“I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.”   — Scott Adams    Whenever I ask – ask implies anything from a mere curiosity to an angry shout – my son why he is behaving in such a disgusting … Continue reading

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Get your butt up and do what you’ve to do

I was reading a book by George Bernard Shaw.  One of the characters says that left to himself, he would have put the following in his wife’s tombstone:  “Henrietta Jansenius was born on such a date, married a man named … Continue reading

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Desire in reason

As a rule I don’t read newspapers nor watch TV. Years back I decided that I don’t want to start my day miserable – for newspapers give nothing but news of rape, murder, violence, accidents…. Enough to upset me for … Continue reading

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It’s merely life…

Morning we wake up and everything goes fine that day. The next morning whatever we do, it just becomes worse. We want something, we get it. We want something, and somebody else gets it. We assume responsibility and others tell … Continue reading

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Who do you think will give me a license?

”What’s the best way to teach a girl to swim?” a friend asked Mulla Nasrudin. ”First you put your left arm around her waist,” said the Mulla. ”Then you gently take her left hand and…” ”She’s my sister,” interrupted the … Continue reading

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