Life is a verb.

This, like many of my previous blogs, is a self-talk.

Death and life are looked on
As but transformations;
The myriad creation is all of a kind,
There is a kinship through all.
Huai Nan Tzu (2nd c. BCE)

A soul’s expression is life. When we talk of a ‘soul’ or ‘life force’, we call it only ‘it’, not ‘he’ or ‘she’ but ‘it’. The he, she, pretty, handsome, ugly – all adjectives come only after the soul transforms its energy into a ‘life’.

When life force leaves a body, we miss the expressions it creates around us. We cry for the absence of activity of that life around us. Is there a soul? whether there is an afterlife? – these questions we may not be able to answer – not at least till we die. Then also we may not know whether we will find an answer.

I read the following lines in one of Paulo Coelho’s books: “Commit yourself to life. If you are alive, you must wave your arms, jump, make a noise, laugh and talk to people, because life is exactly the opposite of death. Dying is staying always in the same position.”. Life is a verb and not a noun. Even if a person is inactive, he is doing something, he is being inactive. It requires effort.

I read this somewhere on the Net.  Mulla Nasruddin’s father was dying, on his deathbed, and he wanted to give some advice to his son who was going in many ways astray. He had become the Don Juan of the town, and was chasing every woman. The old man said, “Nasruddin, remember one thing: beauty is only skindeep, and don’t be mad for it — and this is my whole life’s experience I am telling you. I have chased women, but this is how I feel now, at the end of my life, that beauty is nothing but a skindeep phenomenon, an appearance.” Nasruddin brooded over it and said, “Dad, that much will do — because I am no cannibal, I am not going to eat women. Skindeep is enough for me. Who wants the inside of a woman?”

Other’s experiences are just that – other’s. Create your own experiences. Importantly, the inside of anybody cannot be known. There is no flavor. The flavor is the ‘life’ one lives. The inside has no flavor. We do not desire the ‘inside’ of anybody. We desire the actions the life create, we desire the ‘skin deep’ we see. We love the feelings and emotions a ‘life’ creates in us. If we cannot see or feel a person, will we love him/her? Even to love God, we need to give him/her a form.

I read this quote by Zachary Scot “As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do.” So do. Regrets, dilemmas, unhappiness, happiness : all arise out of actions. These show that we are very much alive. Enjoy your life’s expressions. Those are the only things you leave behind. You don’t need to qualify your actions as good, bad or ugly. As somebody wisely said “if you have a vice, you might as well enjoy it”. Nobody loves the real ‘you’ in you and nobody hates the real ‘you’ in you. As long as you don’t hurt others intentionally, LIVE.

Life is a verb 🙂


About bhagyathewitch

For years, i've been writing down my random thoughts and mail them to my friends. Many of them have told me to blog which i've been resisting so long. Partly because i am afriad to unleash my mental pictures to the unsuspecting public . whatever i express here is my viewpoint at that point in time. I will be mentioning "my sir" lot of times in this - which refers to my teacher
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  1. Shanks says:

    well said (written)

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