marking it with clouds!

Donned in felt,

I commune secretly with the blooming bush,

With feelings peculiarly my own.

Just this day, my hairs have begun to turn white:

Last year, the flowers looked redder than these.

Their tender beauty is going the way Of the morning dew,

Their fragrant breath is evaporating Into the evening breeze.

Why must we wait for their wilting

And falling before we can realize

The evanescence of life?

– Fa-yen

A friend of mine is staying with me for a couple of months. As children do, my son, likes her very much. So much so that these days he’s shifted his bed to her room. My mom, who takes care of him when he comes home from school till we reach from office, is upset and jealous that he is closer to her. I must say that the first day he said he’ll sleep with her, I tried to make him sleep in his usual place. But then I told myself, he’s just a kid and it’s better to leave him on his own. There is no point in troubling myself. After she leaves in a couple of weeks, he’ll resume his routine.

Afterwards, I thought about it and started laughing. My hubby asked me with concern why am I laughing suddenly (he always has his doubt that I’m a little off my onions). I told him about my reasoning of my son’s behavior and my logic that he’ll be back once she leaves. He asked me what is there to laugh about in that. So I told him the humour is in the assumption that I am permanent in this world. Just think about it. He has to move away some day or other. He might have to go away for studies, job and then he might get married…. I could die…. And here I’m thinking that once she goes he’ll come back to his routine 😀

If we think deeply, what is there to worry about? Whether we like it or not, accept or not, we are here only for so many years. At some time or other we have to leave whatever we hold dear. I am not saying that we should not hold anything dear. What I’m saying is that why can’t I leave them when they go away? Why all this melodrama? We want whatever/whoever we hold dear to be near us. We don’t even want others to touch it or have it. Why this mentality of poverty? Most of my problems are because something comes to me (which I don’t want) or something goes away from me (which I want to stay). If we just allow things to come – and go – as they do, our problems can be more than halved.

Somebody told me recently that she is unhappy with her husband. The main reason is that she wants to be kept informed where he is each moment and he doesn’t. I asked her in what way it helps her? Just imagine… Why would I want to know where my husband was the whole day? Honestly, I believe ignorance is bliss many times. People. Things. we cannot hold on to anything. That is the universal law. Things come and things go in our universe. Come on, we are also coming and going in somebody else’s universe each day. How can we freeze one moment? It is not possible.

We can’t always hold on to one thing. Just imagine! We might miss out on something else. The trick is to hold and then release, hold and then release.

There is this mullah story. A man noticed Nasrudin digging a hole, and asked him about it. The reply was, “I buried something in this field last month, and I’ve been trying to find it all morning.”
“Well,” said the other, “did you have some kind of marking system for it.”
Nasrudin said, “Of course I did! When I was burying it, there was a cloud directly over it that cast a shadow—but now I can’t find that cloud, either!“

The more we open the grip, the more happy we will be. I would like to sign off with a quote from one of the characters in some book I read. “There’s troubles enough come in life, milady. No need to marry them”.


About bhagyathewitch

For years, i've been writing down my random thoughts and mail them to my friends. Many of them have told me to blog which i've been resisting so long. Partly because i am afriad to unleash my mental pictures to the unsuspecting public . whatever i express here is my viewpoint at that point in time. I will be mentioning "my sir" lot of times in this - which refers to my teacher
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2 Responses to marking it with clouds!

  1. Shannu says:

    as always the witch at her best 🙂

  2. k narayanan says:

    as usual i enjoyed reading it

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